Television Commercial (TVC)

Television commercials here in B.E.S.T buses happen through a technology-enabled LCD screen installed by our diligent technicians. These LCD screens can display ads, promote content, enable flow of information, applications, etc., show real-time updates of stock, bullion, news, sports, etc., along with many value-added content for passengers. Also the advertisements can be displayed on the basis of Location, Time, Prime time and Bluetooth.

Seatback Advertising

The Seatback advertising media is to deliver your messages directly to strategic audience.Advertisement is displayed at the eye level of the commuterresulting in the great brand response beneficial for the client. Branding at the back of the seats inside B.E.S.T buses help brands to gain a convincing mindshare.

Screen Wrap Advertising

Screen Wrap is the least common and a very innovative concept used to attract commuters in B.E.S.T buses. This Screen Wrap covers the television screen from all four sides, being static in nature the advertisement cannot be simply missed by the audience travelling in the bus for all 112 hours of the day. It is the perfect option for a great exposure to your brand.


GPS - Displays Ads Based On Location

Technology has come a long way, so has BEST TV. BEST TV is equipped with GPS, which locates and displays position of the bus in real time. So how does this benefit a brand? Through the GPS feature, brand advertisement can be played specific to a particular area. Well, that's not all! Multiple areas can be pre-programmed and marked, so that BEST TV can display the advertisement as it enters the pre-programmed areas. A brand is now empowered to display the advertisement in the most relevant locations.

GPRS - An Innovative Advertising Avenue

Another winning feature of the BEST TV is GPRS. It enables live streaming and updates of stock, bullion, news, sports, etc. This generates interest among the passengers, capturing more eyeballs than ever. But this feature also has direct benefit for a brand. A passenger expecting to take a bus route can send an SMS to BEST TV to know the location of the preferred bus route. The reply will contain the details enquired, followed by brand message, as an SMS reply to the passengers cell phone! A brand is now capable of reaching Mumbaikars, simply through an SMS!


Passenger Information System (PIS)

A passenger information [display] system (PIS or PIDS) is an electronic information system which provides real-time passenger information. It may include both predictions about arrival and departure time, as well as information about the nature and causes of disruptions. It may be used both physically within a transportation hub and remotely using a web browser or mobile device.

By using the passenger information system, BEST TV has tried to be both brand- friendly and passenger friendly! Through the GPS feature, BEST TV flashes the upcoming bus-stop information on the LCD screens. This ensures that the passengers are more often than not looking at the screen to grasp information about the next stop. And while they are doing that, they are exposed to the brand messages and advertisements. This gives an assurance to the advertiser that there are more chances that their message will be seen by the consumers.


Bluetooth is a wireless technology, standard for exchanging data over short distances (using short-wavelength microwave transmissions in the ISM band from 2400-2480 MHz) from fixed and mobile devices, building personal area networks (PAN s). An innovative way through which, you can now use the mobile technology in the Transit medium while on the move. Through Bluetooth, a brand can flash promotion or activation codes, enable flow of applications, information, etc. With BEST TV, images, ring tones, and applications can easily be transferred to the passenger's cellphone. In this way a Brand shifts from BEST TV to the passenger's personal media that is his/her mobile phone. It establishes one-to-one connectivity and enhances interactivity with commuters. One of the biggest advantages of this system is that with today's fast growing technologies almost each and every phone has Bluetooth enabled in it. So the target audience automatically is expanded and hence it caters to a large set of people. It's easily accessible and is innovative. It's the perfect way to connect to your audience.