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BEST TV, the flagship media of Realtime Interactive Media Pvt. Ltd. was launched in 2010. With a reach of more than 4.5 million viewers travelling daily, BEST TV has created strong brand equity. BEST TV is one of the most unique things that have happened to Transit media. It is an unmatched, one-of-a-kind media that offers exclusive features and services, that includes Television commercial, Seat back, Screen wrap, logo branding, Scroll branding advertising and many more, inside B.E.S.T buses of Maharashtra. We have successfully blended the richness of traditional understanding of advertising with in-demand technologically driven new age media.

Our Vision

"To take local media past all traditional boundaries and surpass common expectations, also to be the next topmost priority for all the advertisers"

Our Mission

  • To be the India's leading Media/Advertising Company
  • To deliver beneficial returns to our clients via our strategies
  • To add autonomy and ubiquity to brand names we help develop

Our Values

  • Quality in everything we do
  • Continuous improvement and innovation while embracing change
  • Trust, integrity and respect in all our relationships

We being an invasive media, communication happens involuntarily .i.e. sure-shot eyeballs for brand advertisement, resulting into a higher brand recall. The problems usually faced are reaching out to the vast audience at a same time which makes it quite expensive for the advertisers. BEST TV advertising is cost effective helping you to target each audience at a very low price.

The average time spent over other mediums is decreasing with time but the travel time is still high in a metro city like Mumbai. Travelling is something no one can avoid and advertising in the B.E.S.T buses is the next big thing to target audiences with higher frequency. Most of the audience is repeating audience which increases the frequency of the ads published and thus helps in leveraging the brand name with repeat viewership.